Our Mission

The Light Foundation’s mission is to tackle energy poverty by improving the quality of education, health, economic status and safety for all people in the developing world by supporting and implementing long term, sustainable energy solutions.  

Our Focus


More than 50% of primary schools in the developing world have no access to electricity.  Improved education is the single most important aspiration among African consumers.  Lighting creates extended and more flexible reading and study times.

The Light Foundation provides:

  • Power for distance education classes
  • Lighting for communal learning areas in refugee camps
  • Lighting for homes, which allow students to do homework
  • Charge for electronic learning devices
  • Lighting for schools, allowing for more flexible learning times


In sub-Saharan Africa alone, more than 30% of health facilities, serving an estimated 255 million people, have no electricity or lighting. In India this number is estimated at 450 million. Power and light are necessary to run 24-hour clinics, refrigerate vaccines, sterilize equipment, power diagnostic machines and new medical phone apps, as well as provide examination and surgical lighting. Clinics with better facilities attract skilled staff. 

The Light Foundation provides:

  • Room lights
  • Surgery lights
  • Examination lights
  • Power for medical applications
  • Phone chargers
  • Power for diagnostic applications

Innovations and Business

The Light Foundation recognises the link between innovation and practical, affordable solutions for unique environments. We plan to support the development of new technologies and solutions, encouraging local ideas through awards, competitions and prizes for the development of new solar and off-grid technologies.  Our aim is to:

  • Provide physical resources that will help implement local solutions
  • Ensure the lighting and power solutions we use are evolving and updated to meet the right criteria
  • Offer mentoring and technical training to drive local entrepreneurship